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Beau Wixx

At Beau Wixx, we believe that your home deserves nothing but the best. That's why since our establishment in 2021, we have built a sterling reputation for creating exquisite and indulgent products. Every item in our collection is carefully sourced, expertly crafted, thoughtfully packaged, and shipped, personally with the utmost of care.

Our humble family business is based in the charming town of Maidstone in Kent, but our products are now available for customers far and wide. While we continue to grow, our unwavering dedication to exceptional quality remains unchanged. 

As we continue on our journey, we are excited to explore new possibilities and expand on how we can bring even more luxurious scented products to your home.


Amy's Story

My home is my sanctuary, so cleanliness and fragrance are top priorities. I take great pride in creating an indulgent and luxurious space that greets your senses with delightful aromas in every room. My friends and family can't get enough of the ever-changing scent experience they enjoy when they visit.

To achieve this bougie paradise, I went on extensive shopping sprees that were a little rough on our pocket book, to gather hundreds of pounds worth of amazing scented products for our home. I accumulated so much that my partner jokingly suggested I could open my own shop with the amount of products I had. Little did he know, his comment sparked a brilliant idea and I I decided to turn my love for scented products into a business. With my creative artistic skills, dedication to creating a magnificently scented home, and desire to create affordable yet luxury products, Beau Wixx was born. Now, you can find all types of exquisitely fragranced products to elevate your space, all in our shop, at prices that aren't so bougie.

In the beginning we started with a simple collection of Wax Melt Snap Bars in a few scents. But now, we have over 60 scents and the collection keeps growing! In April 2022, my family expanded as well, with the arrival of my son, and I've thoroughly enjoyed balancing my hobby with "mum" life, and have introduced new scented home products to my product line that prioritize safety.


I can't wait to share my products with you and help you transform your home into a haven of exquisite aromas. Get ready to indulge in the fragrant paradise you've always dreamed of!

Our Products

We make all of our products by hand, with love and care, using only natural, vegan friendly ingredients. Ethically made, our products are never tested on animals. Our attention to detail is second to none and product quality is top notch, ensuring our scents are long-lasting with maximum fragrance throw. Rest easy knowing that safety is our priority - all our products meet CLP compliance standards. Plus, we have options specifically designed for homes with pets or little ones.

Caring for our earth home, our packaging is made from 88% recycled plastic and is fully recyclable. 

From humble beginnings of only seven wax melt scents, we now offer an extensive range of 60 different fragrances. Inspired by popular brands, nature's scents, mouth-watering food, and more.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and look forward to delivering them to your doorstep.

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