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About Beau Wixx

My Past, Present & Future

I know that it’s crucial to ensure that only the best ingredients are invited into sacred spaces like your home. Since I opened in 2021, I have built a reputation for designing luxurious and indulgent products. I source materials, hand-make, package and ship all of my products solo. Based in Maidstone in Kent - you have peace of mind knowing where your gorgeous home scented products are made.

Though I now ship to customers far and wide, my commitment to superior quality hasn’t changed. All of the items made in my small business are sourced, crafted and packaged with dedication and care, making them important elements of the ultimate self-care experience.


About Me - Amy Smith

 I have always had a creative side since I was young. I always took an interest in Art and Design and achieved GCSE and A Level grades in the subject.

Since then, not only has my hobby expanded in to a small business but my family expanded in April 2022 with the birth of my Son. I have simply loved continuing my hobby alongside 'Mum life'. I take pride in our little home from cleanliness to scent and simply enjoy burning wax melts!

Before this journey started, I shopped until I dropped in several locations for the perfect gifts for loved ones and different scented products for our home. Several hundreds of pounds and different shopping bags later, my partner sarcastically said “you could open your own shop with the amount of products you have here”. Little did he know I would embark on a journey where I could offer what every home proud person needs - all types of fragranced products from one shop!


It all started off very simple – Wax Melts Snap Bars in a few scents (seven to be exact). Now there are over 60 scents and the family keeps growing!


If you’re anything like me, you love to walk into your home, get into your car or open your wardrobe and love to be greeted by pleasurable scents. My friends and loved ones always comment on the ever-changing fragrances when getting in to our family car or when walking through our front door in to our home.

There is nothing more gratifying than cleaning your car and hanging a brand new air freshener which is why we added our ‘Aroma Beads’ to our list of products. After all, why should amazing scents just be limited to your home?


Since becoming a Mum, my mind has wondered about the safety of hot wax and little ones and researched other ways in which you can have a beautiful, scented home and not need to worry about scalding. Introducing the ‘Scented Sizzlers’ which are made of Himalayan Salt and reed diffusers

 For My Future?

To continue with this journey and relish in the world of home scents, who knows - the family of Beau Wixx products could expand in the future!


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