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Autumn Reed Diffusers

Autumn Reed

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New scents added to our Jo Malone & Tom Ford Inspired Wax Melt Range!

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Amy's Story

Obsessed with having a luxuriously fragrant home without breaking the bank, I combined my creativity, bougie taste, and passion for scents,  resulting in the the birth of Beau Wixx.  Now I delight in transforming homes far and wide into an exquisite fragrance paradise! 

Our Promise

As a small, family-run company, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional quality at affordable prices. Our handcrafted products are CLP compliant, and lovingly made with the finest ingredients, ensuring a slow burn and maximum fragrance throw that will leave your space smelling amazing for longer.

Indulge your senses with our wide range of scents, inspired by various fragrances. Explore our products and experience the passion we put into our work. We're confident that you'll fall in love with our scents, just like we have.


Our Scented Categories

This business is a 5 Star one. The delivery of the most beautifully crafted scented products is temptingly addictive. The gift service, the customer service, the scents and colours are excellent. It is a small business worthy of credit and support.




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